does not abandon or endanger partners who have made

TN Online Marsha Blackburn Opposes Turkish Attacks in Syria

forces puts at risk the gains achieved by the Global Coalition and even cedes critical geopolitical space to Russia and Iran.

## ## “Just as important is the safety and security of the SDF, the Kurdish forces who were integral to the defeat of the so called ISIS physical caliphate. policy that will result in endangerment of the Kurds who have sacrificed so much blood and treasure alongside American forces. does not abandon or endanger partners who have made significant sacrifices and contributions to protect our national security interests. The Turkish offensive into northern Syria is damaging and in direct opposition to the international rules based order.

“Today, I join a bipartisan group of Senators in calling for sanctions. Turkey must pay the price for its aggression toward our Kurdish partners.”On January 31st, 2019, Senators Blackburn and Tammy Duckworth (D Ill.) requested that President Donald Trump “develop and implement a strategy to help protect the security and diplomatic equities of our Kurdish partners serving in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) during and after the withdrawal of United States military forces from Syria.” The full letter may be found here [2].

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